2019 Wedding Accessory Trends

wedding trends 2019

26/12/2018 | ACCESSORIES

Ladies, it’s proposal season! Which means that many of you will soon be looking for those finishing touches to add to your bridal look.

This weeks blog is all about the wedding accessory trends we’re yet to anticipate for 2019. So, whether you’re preparing yourself to say ‘YES!’ to a big question. Or are simply looking to complete your perfect 2019 wedding style. This blog is your handbook to finding those must-have wedding accessories for your big day!

Already know what you’re looking for? Why not jump straight to shopping my bridal accessories for your big day!

1. Stars

Inspired by 2017’s celestial catwalk looks, the world of bridal is set to be littered with all things star-related in 2019.

From crystal hair pins, to statement tiaras, to delicate drop-earrings. The galactic world is well and truly making an impact when it comes to modern bridal looks.


Whether you’re wanting a subtle scattering of pins in your hair, an intricate headpiece laid across your forehead, or an embellished modern veil scattered with 3-D stars. It’s easy to achieve this latest trend for your wedding day.

Take a look at a few of my favourite looks for your own inspiration below:

Star bridal headpiece & veil
star drop earrings
Star bridal hairband

Star Light

Top Tip: For any boho brides, think about weaving single hair pins through loosely tousled hair for that relaxed bridal look!

2. Tiaras

After an influential year of royal weddings, many brides are channelling their inner princess and choosing a regal headpiece for their 2019 bridal look!

Whilst many don’t want to opt for the more traditional style tiara, there are many bridal boutiques offering these headpieces with modern touches so that you don’t have to compromise on or alter your bridal style.


Achieve this modern look by choosing from geometric gems, beautiful pearl detailing, & boho chic designs to keep your tiara modern & outstanding amongst other brides and more traditional styles this year.

Below are a couple of my favourite picks for 2019 tiaras – all products are available to buy from ‘A Wedding & A Bride’, get in touch for more information:

pearl and silver bridal tiara - 2019 collection
bridal tiara silver and floral - 2019 collection

Pearly Whites

Top Tip: Pearls are set to be a big trend in 2019; offering minimalism, luxury, and sophistication to any bridal look. If you’re wanting to opt for a truly modern tiara, be sure to pick one scattered with these pearly whites!

3. Florals

Delicate florals are still big news in 2019, but statement shapes and 3-D flowers have now made their way onto the bridal scene.

I for one love this trend. Bold headpieces, standout bridal belts, and whimsical, embroidered veils are now a beautiful option for many. Making additional texture & modern detailing easy for any bride to achieve!

Scroll through some of my favourite 3-D floral options below. All available to buy through ‘A Wedding & A Bride’, get in touch for more information:

floral embroidery bridal veil
floral hair piece
bridal belt 3-D floral design

Floral Veils

Top Tip: Add more texture and modern detailing to your veil by opting for floral embroidery or 3-D scattered flowers to your tulle piece.

4. Capes

Capes and capelets are increasingly replacing the traditional veil for many brides.

If you’re searching for a truly unique accessory for your wedding, my collection of these beautiful tulle pieces are here to help you make a modern statement in 2019.

Browse some pieces from my range below for your alternative bridal look, don’t hesitate to get in touch for any questions or product enquiries:

bridal capelet with detailed crystal and floral shoulders
bridal capelet with floral shoulder detailing
bridal capelet with 3-D floral and cystal detailing

Keep It Simple

Top Tip: If you’ve got a detailed wedding dress & are searching for an ideal cape/capelet to suit. Opt for a plain accessory made from fine tulle; this will give you the ethereal look you’re searching for whilst also allowing your dress to shine in all its glory underneath!

Like any of the products that you’ve seen above? Don’t hesitate to get in touch & enquire about ordering any of the accessories for your own bridal look!



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