Pinterest’s Wedding Report 2019: 4 Things To Celebrate!

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Over the years, Pinterest has been the go-to place for many couples to find inspiration for their wedding.

And 2019 has proven to be no exception.

With millions of us turning to the platform to find ideas, research trends, and generally plan every single feature of our big day.

Each year, Pinterest is able to put together a handy report that sums up the biggest trends of the moment!

So you don’t have to, I’ve read and summarised the report in this week’s blog so that you don’t miss out on trending wedding ideas for your big day.

Scroll down to find out more!

How weddings are changing

As our understanding of what marriage and love means between two people evolves, our vision of what makes a ‘perfect wedding’ continues to change & adapt.

2019 has shown itself to be the year where many of us are looking to keep our wedding simple, and to use the time as a reason to celebrate love & who we are with close friends and family.

Pinners around the world are focusing more and more on what actually makes them happy.

Pinterest Wedding Report

I for one am a huge advocate of loving yourself and surrounding yourself with the people in life who raise you up and help you love who you are.

The 4 Pinterest wedding trends I explore below celebrate this, and I can’t wait to see how these trends alter the experience of wedding planning &, even, the wedding day itself, for the better!

Pinterest’s 4 wedding trends 2019

Throughout 2019, Pinterest has found 4 wedding trends leading the way and changing the landscape of our traditions forever.

Scroll down to find out more, and to start planning your Pinterest-perfect wedding!

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Trend #1 Intimate

Many wedding planners have been using Pinterest to look for ideas for an intimate wedding with few, or, even, no guests.

It seems that many of us nowadays are wanting to use our wedding day as an intimate, romantic escape from our everyday lives. Where we’re able to celebrate our love without the grandeur or the fuss of a modern wedding.

This trend has also fed into the rise in popularity of destination weddings.

Where couples invite few or no guests to a stunning location, where they can hold a private, visually stunning wedding of their dreams.

‘elopement photography ideas’ +128%
back garden wedding

Trend #2 Outdoor

So many of us are falling back in love with the outdoors & outdoor experiences – and this love seems to have crept into our wedding planning too!

With couples now searching for simple, minimal weddings in outdoor settings. 2019 is all about showing our love for Mother Nature and the world we live in.

Are you interested in having a sustainable wedding? Read our blog on how to have an eco-friendly wedding – read here.

Many are even planning on having low-key wedding ceremonies in their own back garden.

Seeking a truly relaxed, effortless approach to their big day.

‘back garden wedding’ +441%
sustainable wedding ideas‘ +181%
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Trend #3 Love You

Pinterest has always been about discovering and celebrating the things you love. It’s never been about idolising what other people are liking or doing themselves.

So it follows that a huge wedding trend on Pinterest for 2019 is learning to love yourself, and embracing who you are on your big day!

Whether this be embracing your curves and ditching that unnecessary diet, or letting your hair down (literally!) and loving what Mother Nature gave you. It seems we can all take some inspiration from this wonderful trend and learn to love ourselves.

‘Natural wedding hairstyles african’ +69%
‘Wedding dresses for curvy brides’ +2113%
traditional asian wedding ceremony

Trend #4 Celebrate Culture

As we all learn to love ourselves and appreciate the smaller things in life. It makes sense that another top wedding trend for 2019 would be celebrating our culture & our heritage.

With 30% of the top trending wedding search terms on Pinterest reflecting a multicultural vision. It seems that many of us are turning back to our roots to create a meaningful experience for ourselves, our family, & our friends on our wedding day.

Have you been inspired by any of Pinterest’s wedding trends for 2019?

Let me know in the comments below!



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