5 Reasons To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

21/12/2018 | WEDDING DRESS

Hi ladies! Many of you may have noticed the new addition to my website – my ‘design your dress’ feature. 

Well, I’m excited to announce that I’m now providing a bespoke service to any brides looking to design & create their own dream dress for a fraction of the cost & in the knowledge that the final product will fit them perfectly!

In today’s blog I’ll be explaining the top 5 reasons why many brides look to design their own wedding dress. As well as providing you with the basics when it comes to my service. 

Interested? Well then, scroll down and all will be explained!


1. Save Disappointment

Many brides choose to have a bespoke wedding dress made because they have a style in mind that they simply can’t find anywhere else.

It could be a certain neckline & skirt combination, or perhaps it’s a dress for an ‘alternative’ wedding.

Either way, many brides-to-be invest in having a unique bridal dress created to overcome difficulties and/or disappointment when it comes to sourcing their perfect gown!

2. More Meaningful

Another reason why brides choose to design their own dress is because it makes the end-product more meaningful to them.

A wedding dress already holds significance to the bride who’s going to be wearing it.

But for some, it can carry a lot more value in the knowledge that: (a) the dress was made specifically for them, and, (b) because of this, there’ll be no one else in the world wearing the same gown as them on their wedding day.

3. No Compromise

No one likes the idea of compromise, especially when it comes to something as significant as your wedding day.

Luckily for you, brides who opt for a ‘design your dress’ service don’t have to concern themselves with compromising when it comes to their dream wedding dress.

Any inspiration you find online can (for the most part!) be incorporated into your final piece. Giving you the freedom to have full control over the specifics of your wedding day wonder!

4. No Pressure To Fit!

Every bride wants to look & feel her best on her wedding day. And a lot of this can depend on how well your dress fits you.

Unlike other wedding dresses – that might have to be bought in in a standard size, often resulting in costly alterations – if you choose to design your own wedding dress, you & your designer will be customising your gown to fit your shape perfectly.

Meaning that you can create a dream product that’s also comfortable & suited to your shape and size all day long!

5. Cost

Finally, many brides opt for the custom bridal dress option because of the lower cost!

Weddings & bridal dresses can become ‘eye watering-ly’ expensive these days. Especially when we become obsessed with replicating the likes of our favourite celeb’s wedding look.

The good news is that bespoke designer dresses can incorporate features from these ‘dream dresses’ (that for many of us are way out of our budget entirely!) and add them to your own gown.

Allowing you to feel like royalty (or, celeb royalty) without having to break your wedding budget in the process!

I Love It. Where Do I Start?

If you’re now in love with the idea of designing your own wedding dress, then why not begin by simply gathering some ideas?

Browse sites like ‘Pinterest.com’ & take a look at bridal fashion trends or styles from a particular era that you love. 

Ask yourself realistic questions such as: What dresses do I already wear that I love? What style are they? What fabric do I prefer?

From this point, you’ll have a truly rounded understanding of what you’re looking for when designing your finished dress!  

Get In Touch!

Now all that’s needed is for you to get in touch with me & arrange an appointment in my bridal boutique on Norton High Street. 

Here, we’ll be able to discuss style preference & any particular features you’d like to include in your design!

If you have any questions about my bespoke ‘Design Your Wedding Dress’ service, then feel free to get in touch.



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