5 Stunning Colour Palettes for Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings here we come!

As the ‘hottest’ time of year in the UK kicks off, it’s time for us to get our glad-rags on & attend some beautiful summer weddings.

One thing I’m most excited to see (apart from the stunning bridal party – of course!) is the selection of colours couples have been choosing to theme their big day.

There are some visually wonderful, and more unusual, colour palettes making their way onto the scene this year.

(And I for one am a big fan of pretty much all of them!)

So, if you’re planning your summer wedding & are searching for ideas. Or if you simply want a nose-y at what’s hot right now (get it?!), scroll down to take a look at the rest of this blog and read all about my favourite 5 colour palettes that will make any summer wedding truly unforgettable!

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1. Turn up the tropics

In tune with the warmer summer months, a gorgeous colour palette many brides are opting for is the tropical theme.

With rich oranges, deep dark greens, & popping pinks, this selection of colours is ideal for any bride looking to add some depth to the decor on her wedding day.

Somewhat obviously, these colours also create a wonderful tropical atmosphere.

So, even if you’re planning on getting married in the UK, you can still indulge your guests with a taste of Brazil & all things hot!

2. All white

Perhaps a controversial choice of colour palette for summer weddings (or weddings of any season quite frankly!), ‘All white’ means exactly that.

All white.

Yes, that means bridesmaids, napkins, flower arrangements. It’s all white ladies!

As off-putting as this might initially sound, this colour palette brings a fresh, float-y vibe to any summer wedding.

And adds a touch of sophistication above and beyond the fun, funky colours included in some of the other colour palettes suggested in this blog.

3. Coral currents

Coral might have been Pantone’s bridal colour of 2018, but the chic shades are still making an impact in the wedding world!

Coral is, in fact, a wonderful choice of colour to base your summer wedding colour palette on.

The shades are warm, whilst also being fresh. Giving you and your wedding a certain glow & holiday vibe.

Coral also looks beautiful mixed in different shades, with darker coral looking almost a soft red, and lighter shades reminiscent of a delicate shell shade.

4. Sandy shades

Taking inspiration from a revival of these shades for interiors, sandy shades actually look stunning as a summer wedding colour palette.

Mixed with navy blues and fresh fauna, they soften the atmosphere & create a cool, relaxed environment.

Sandy shades are also perfect for anyone who wants their summer wedding to be ‘natural’ themed.

With certain shades looking like hessian or more natural fibres, you can achieve that ‘earth babe’ look without actually having to invest in reams of scratchy fabric!

5. Spanish hues

It’s all about the peach & navy combo!

Spanish colour palettes are simply stunning, and make a wonderful choice for any summer wedding.

The mix of soft shades – lavender, terracotta, navy, & peach – create a truly earthy feel. And immediately transport any space to a traditional Spanish town…

(I’m there already!)

I feel like this colour palette is ideal for any summer wedding that’s designed to be a bit informal – it’s definitely a ‘kick back and relax’ kind of colour combo – but I think this choice is wonderful nonetheless.

What colours are you choosing for your summer wedding?

Comment below and let me know!



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