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24/02/2019 | WEDDING

Let’s face it, weddings can be seriously wasteful affairs!

And with a need for us all to become more responsible when it comes to being eco friendly, I can’t think of a better way to help than by providing you – my gorgeous brides – with a guide on how you can help make your wedding day that bit greener!

Please bear in mind that the suggestions below are just that. Suggestions.

I’m not encouraging you to use all 9 ideas for your wedding (unless you want to, of course). And I would never encourage someone to give up their dream venue or dress for anything!

But some of the ideas below will not only save you your conscience, but money too!

Have a read & see how you can incorporate eco friendly ideas into your big day!

place setting with glasses, purple flowers, and linen napkin

1. Root for reusable

One simple way for you to make your wedding more eco friendly is by thinking about incorporating biodegradable or reusable materials as much as possible!

Here are some ideas of how you can achieve this for your big day:
(1) Linen napkins
Using linen napkins will reduce tons of unnecessary waste on your wedding day – they also look far nicer than paper alternatives! Ask your venue what kind of materials they’ll provide for your table settings before confirming your booking.

(2) Straw-free
Ask the drinks providers if they can abstain from using plastic straws. They can always replace them with paper in case any guests need them.

(3) Real flowers
When it comes to your decor, opt for fresh over false flowers. At least these can be reused or donated after your wedding day (Meghan & Harry donated their flowers to a local children’s charity after theirs – a beautiful example of how choosing real over false can bring others joy long after the main event!).

(4) Biodegradable confetti
Choose biodegradable over plastic lined confetti. Many couples are now using dried flower petals for their iconic confetti pictures, but bear this idea in mind if you’d rather choose paper alternatives.

(5) Favoured favours
Think about giving your guests favours that they can reuse. Forget cellophane wrapped sweets & gift bags, we’re talking small succulent plants or personalised bottle stoppers!

2. Research your ring

It’s pretty difficult to make sure everything you choose for your wedding day is ethical and traceable.

But one thing you can literally have guaranteed as being ‘eco friendly’ and ‘responsibly sourced’ is your wedding ring.

Think about choosing a family heirloom for your beautiful band to reduce waste, or make sure you ask about the materials used for your ring if you’re buying from a shop or local manufacturer.

woman picking up flowers from crates

3. Vouch for an ethical venue

When you look to choosing your wedding venue, think about asking them how they’re taking steps to be more eco friendly.

This can play a huge factor in how truly sustainable your wedding day is – especially if you’re staying at the venue for the whole occasion.

Think about asking them:
(1) Do they grow their own produce for food?
Growing your own food can massively reduce your carbon footprint. Asking where they source their food from is a great question for any couple wanting to be think about making their wedding eco friendly!
(2) If no to the above, where do they source their food from?
(3) Do they support local business?
(4) Will they cater to prevent waste?
What’s their policy on plastic? How do they dispose of food waste? And so on.

local food

4. Stay loyal to local

By supporting local businesses, you won’t only be helping out fantastic businesses on your doorstep, you’ll also be reducing the carbon footprint of vendors involved in your wedding!

Top tip: Using local vendors can also be a great advantage to help guide the theme of your wedding. Celebrate the local area & show this through your food, drink, and decor!

digital 'save the date'

5. Champion the WWW

Wedding websites/web pages are becoming hugely popular for many couples because of how convenient they are.

But, whether they realise it or not, these couples are also saving themselves a ton of money and they’re taking their first steps towards an eco friendly wedding!

Less paper = less material

It’s a win-win for everyone!

6. Savvy ‘save the dates’/invites

Websites (see above) are a great place to put any detailed information about your wedding day. But for many couples, it’s a must-have to send out those all important ‘save the date’ cards or invites.

If this sounds like you, then that’s fine! Just bear in mind that you can get some beautiful invitation options made from 100% recycled or natural materials.

potted orchids, wedding reception

7. Promote pots!

Flowers are a huge cost for any sized wedding.

Not only this, but these beautiful (expensive!) arrangements end up going to waste when they wilt.

To save disappointment, and to have a truly infinite collection of wedding fauna, why not think about using potted plants as decorations for your big day?

Potted orchids would look beautiful as table decorations, and could even serve as take-home gifts for guests who want to adopt them at the end of the day.

No waste, no worries!

8. Care about your cake

Don’t get me wrong, food needs to be a big attraction at any wedding!

But you can still have delicious, beautiful food without ignoring your all important desire to be eco friendly.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your wedding cake:
(1) Where does your baker source their ingredients from?
(2) Can you present your cake on natural materials (e.g. wood)?
(3) Think about not opting for false tiers so as to save on wasteful materials.
(4) Would you opt for a vegan cake to show your commitment to being eco friendly even more?


9. Brave bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses aren’t only expensive, they’re often things that people only choose to wear once!

Meaning that a ton of beautiful dresses are wasted year on year… *sob*

To overcome this wasteful practice. Why not think about letting your bridal party choose their own dresses (within reason!) so that they can pick something they’ll all wear again!

Some brides are even letting their bridal party pick mix & match dresses within a particular theme to ensure the pieces definitely won’t go to waste. It’ll also give your wedding a more relaxed feel in comparison to more traditional options.

If you’re planning your eco friendly wedding I hope my guide helps you make those all important decisions! Get in touch for help sourcing your sustainable bridal accessories.



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