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My Bridal Styling Appointments: Behind The Scenes

29/11/2018 | ACCESSORIES

Hi ladies!

Today I’m here to talk to you all about my bridal styling appointments, and (hopefully) cover any questions you may have surrounding the appointment process.

If I’ve already convinced you that you should book an appointment at my boutique wedding shop in Norton, then feel free to get in touch & arrange a time & date with me!

Otherwise, have a read below and learn all about the magical (and stress-free) appointments I hold for each and every one of my beautiful brides.

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My Bridal Accessory Appointments Explained

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Maybe, even, congratulations on saying YES to the dress!

Now comes the really fun part of finding those all important finishing touches for your bridal look.


Do I need to book an appointment?

When I speak to my brides about their accessories, I love to know that there will be no interruptions and that I can focus my attention entirely on them.

Because of this I recommend (and prefer) if you booked an appointment or messaged me before visiting.

This means that I can take care of you without distractions!

It also means that you have the time to tell me all about your bridal style & paint a picture of the kind of wedding accessories you think would be perfect to finish your look without anyone wandering in.


Should I do my own research before the appointment?

It’s completely up to you!

If you’re unsure of what style or design you might want for your wedding accessories, then don’t worry! That’s technically my job…

But, as with wedding dress shopping.

It can be useful to have an idea of the overall image you want for your bridal look.

Some women want ‘everything sparkly!’, others want a more ‘classical’ bridal image.

So as long as you generally know the overall effect you want your accessories to have on your bridal look, then that’s more than enough for me to work with!


When should I start shopping for my wedding accessories?

You can organise your appointment at any stage, depending on the type or style of product you might want.

If you know you’re looking for something unique or intricate, then I would recommend organising your appointment sooner rather than later so that I can do thorough research & find the perfect accessory for you!

Otherwise, I would always recommend starting to look for your wedding accessories around 3 months prior to your wedding date.

(Or, departure date for any weddings abroad.)

This way I have plenty of time to find, order in, or custom-make any pieces that you have your heart set on!


Who can I bring?

Once you’ve organised your appointment, you can have a think about who (if anyone) you might want to bring along with you for advice or support.

Perhaps your Mum is the best sound board for ideas?

Or, maybe your Maid of Honour is your go-to lady for advice on all things wedding-related?

Whoever you decide to bring, make sure that they’ll be supportive and help the process.

Remember, these appointments are about tying everything together in a stress-free, seamless manner.

Negativity or conflict is not something you need this close to your wedding day!


What should I bring?

You can bring whatever you like to your appointment.

If you’re in the early stages of planning your bridal look, then you might not have bought or altered your wedding dress just yet.

In which case just come with any ideas (a scrap book is always welcome!) for your must-have accessories.

If you’re in the later stages of wedding planning, then you may have ordered/received your finished wedding dress.

If this is the case then feel free to bring a swatch of your dress fabric with you for me to refer to.

Alternatively, bring in your wedding dress itself to ensure any bridal shoes, wedding veils, or bridal jewellery you try on are the perfect fit for your wedding day look.



Ready to start shopping for your finishing touches? Organise your appointment or drop me a message with any questions you may have!




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