Tiaras: My Guide to Choosing Your Bridal Head Piece

Tiaras: My Guide to Choosing Your Bridal Head Piece

25/10/2018 | TIARAS

Welcome to another blog ladies! Because I’m still obsessing over Princess Eugenie’s recent wedding to Jack Brooksbank, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to all things tiara-related.

So if you’re thinking about donning a sparkly head piece for your bridal look, or if you just love Royal weddings as much as I do, then this one’s perfect for you.


tiaraGirlish Dream or Bridal Indulgence?

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011, tiaras have made a huge comeback in bridal style. And with fresh inspiration from the likes of Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Princess Eugenie, it’s easy to see why.

But apart from Royal weddings, tiaras tend to be a bit of a marmite subject for brides.

With some relishing the idea of ‘dressing like a princess’ for the day, and others feeling like they’re (literally) playing dress up.

Personally, I love tiaras.

And with the increasing number of styles and designs available to brides now. I think every bride should at least consider donning a tiara during a dress fitting, or an accessory styling session, just to see how she feels in one.

I always encourage my brides to try everything when it comes to finalising their bridal look. Because that way, at least they can then rule out the options that they’re definitely not a fan of. Rather than not considering them at all.

It’s also definitely the case with tiaras that just because you haven’t liked how someone else has styled one for their wedding, it doesn’t mean that your hair stylist or bridal accessory expert won’t be able to create a more sophisticated, or toned down, or vintage look for you.



Will a Tiara Suit my Style?

The simple answer is yes.

If you’re wanting a beautiful bridal head piece for your wedding day look, then thanks to the plethora of modern styles and designs available to you, there will definitely be a tiara out there to compliment your bridal style.

The days when bridal tiaras looked more like beauty pageant accessories are gone ladies! So if you’ve been considering creating a bridal look that involves an eye-catching head piece, then tiaras should definitely be a consideration.

All you need to do is find the perfect piece that effortlessly compliments your wedding day look, as well as the theme of your wedding.

By this, I mean the setting of your wedding, and the general feel of the day.

So, if you’ve chosen an old country manor house to be the setting for your wedding. Then a vintage bandeau-style tiara might suit both your bridal look and the style of your wedding perfectly.

But, if you’re having a more casual wedding in, say, a wedding barn. Then a single hair band tiara will probably better suit you and your surroundings.

Tiara vs Veil.

It’s also important for me to point out that you can wear a veil with your tiara if you want to.

Sometimes (as in the case of both Kate Middleton & Meghan Duchess of Sussex) a tiara can not only compliment but actually enhance the look of a veil.

A tiara also gives you some gorgeous head bling for the rest of the day once your veil is no longer a practical option. Meaning that you’ll look and feel very much like a bride throughout your wedding day!



What Kinds of Tiaras are Available?

Regal Tiara

Your typical Royal tiara, this style is tall and very much the main point of focus when it comes to the bridal look.

wishbone tiara

Wishbone Tiara

A vintage design, the wishbone tiara can either be styled as a single or double band that leads to a small point in the centre of the head piece.

bandeau tiara meghan markle

Bandeau Tiara

Worn by the likes of Meghan Duchess of Sussex, this style of tiara features a strong single band. This style looks particularly vintage/Royal, and would suit any bride looking to get married in a traditional setting.


Double band tiara

Double Band

A more modern choice for many brides, the double banded tiara is less of a tiara and more of an embellished head band. It can also be worn in a number of ways on your head making it a much more versatile accessory.

head band tiara

Head Band

Similar to the double band above, the head band tiara is more toned down in style, and can often look like a hair vine or other bridal hair piece. It can also be worn in a number of ways giving the bride more room for making the accessory compliment her style.

wreath tiara

Wreath Tiara

This tiara design is exactly as it sounds. Inspired by nature and all things outdoors, this particular tiara can be any shape or size, but will definitely include a foliage design – making it the perfect accessory for any Grecian-inspired bridal looks.

bun wrap tiara

Bun Wrap Tiara

A more traditional (and possibly, more pageant-esque style) tiara. The bun wrap head piece does what it says on the tin. Fixed to the base of a high bun, this particular tiara is ideal for any bride wanting that showstopping appearance.



Tiaras at ‘A Wedding & A Bride’.

gold and pearl tiara

Gold & Pearl Tiara, £150

Available in a gold or silver finish, this tiara features swarovski crystals and encrusted pearls.
Purchase online, shop here

rose gold and pearl tiara

Rose Gold & Pearl Tiara, £125

Also available in a gold or silver finish, this tiara has a nature-inspired design. Making it the perfect choice for any boho-chic bride.
Purchase online, shop here

Silver & Pearl Tiara, £125

Also available in a rose gold or gold finish. This design is a hairband style tiara, making it the ideal choice for any bride wanting a stunning hairpiece without the fuss.
Purchase online, shop here

ornate silver and pearl tiara

Ornate Silver & Pearl Tiara, £150

Also available in a 14ct gold finish ladies, this traditional wishbone tiara is the perfect accessory for any traditional bride looking to channel her inner Kate Middleton!
Purchase online, shop here

starlet rose gold tiara

Starlet Rose Gold Tiara, £155

This vintage-inspired headpiece includes encrusted swarovski crystals, ivory pearls, and the choice of a silver plated or rose gold finish.
Purchase online, shop here



If none of the styles above have caught your eye ladies, then be aware that I am able to source a tiara to suit your bridal style perfectly!

To talk more about finding your ideal bridal head piece, get in touch via my appointment page, here.




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