Welcome To My Wedding Blog!

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Welcome To My Wedding Blog!

An introduction to me, my brand, & my wedding blog.

30/09/2018 | Welcome!

Hi! I am the founder & owner of ‘A Wedding & A Bride’ and I’m here to introduce you to my brand new e-commerce website & blog feed!

Before I begin, if any of you are wanting to get in touch to learn more about the services I offer, you can do so here.

About ‘A Wedding & A Bride’

With over a decade of experience in the bridal industry, it’s been my passion for many years to turn dreams into a reality for brides across the North East of England.

Finalising their bridal look, and completing their vision of perfection for their wedding day!

Sourcing my products from highly reputable brands such as the ‘Perfect Bridal Company’, ‘Rainbow Club’, ‘Pink Paradox London’, and many more. My extensive collection of bridal shoes & accessories has proven time & again to be exactly what my brides are searching for for their big day.

What’s more, the brands that I use allow me to provide beautifully crafted products to my brides at prices that won’t break their wedding day fund. Meaning that they can spend that bit extra on the dress of their dreams!


If you’re searching for your own bridal shoes & accessories and are interested in shopping my collection, why not jump to my ‘Shop Bridal‘ e-commerce page.


Styling My Brides

For many of my brides, trying to envision their finished bridal look can be quite daunting.

What if they overlook a ‘vital’ detail? What if they want to break tradition with their style? What if they don’t know enough about the industry to know what they can or can’t achieve?

That’s where I come in.

With endless resources at my fingertips, I’m able to source or make the ideal accessories for my brides.

From crystal encrusted bridal clutch bags, to intricate bridal hair vines. The image that my brides are searching for is precisely what I always aim to deliver!

What’s more, with modern bridal looks becoming increasingly daring & varied. The image of a ‘traditional’ bride is something that many are choosing not to adhere to.

Meaning that if you’re an alternative bride, or are looking for that beautiful ‘boho chic’ look. Then your ‘nontraditional’ bridal style just became that bit closer to becoming a reality.

Believe me ladies, your dream look is nigh on always achievable!

(Just don’t ask for a rainbow dyed veil… That might be asking too much of me!)


If you’re still struggling to find the perfect finishing touches to your bridal look, then why not get in touch for a free personal styling appointment at my boutique in Norton, Stockton On Tees?


Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

Having years of experience in the industry, and having been bride myself, I’m more than aware of the importance of your bridal party.

Which is precisely why I also offer products & services for styling bridesmaids & flower girls.

Whether you’re wanting to spoil your maids with personalised gifts, or are simply looking for those pearls studs to complete their bridal party look, my collection of accessories have got you covered.

What’s more, I’m also here to help you coordinate your own style with that of your bridal party. Making sure that you all look like the ideal ‘dream team’, I’ll spent time talking to you about the kind of vision you have for you and your maids.

Whether you want ‘all eyes on you’, or just that picture perfect group look!


Looking for those perfect bridesmaid gifts? Or perhaps you’re searching for that jewellery set to finish off your bridal party look? Browse my ‘Bridesmaid‘ collection right here!


Occasion Styling

We all know how difficult it can be to find the right accessories to go with your wedding guest, Mother of the Bride/Groom, or race day outfits.

Which is precisely why I also offer an exclusive range of occasion shoes & accessories for you and your friends & family.

Featuring dyable shoes & clutch bags to match your look, my collection is the perfect choice!

What’s more, if you’re struggling to pull together the finishing touches to your occasion outfit. Then I offer free in-store styling appointments to help you find your perfect pieces!


If you’re searching for a fascinator or stand out heels, then why not visit my ‘Shop Occasion‘ collection? Alternatively, book an appointment with me for a free one-on-one session today.


My Blog

So, why keep up to date with my blog?

If you’re a bride looking for up to date reports on what’s trending in the world of bridal, then you’ve come to the right place!

Discussing all things bridal shoes, accessories, & top tips for your wedding day. My blog will cover all you need to know when it comes to planning, shopping, and styling you and your bridal party.

So make sure you revisit my site & blog page as much as possible to read my bi-weekly posts. One of them might just provide the answer you’re looking for!




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